Javascript development services in Milton Keynes

Custom Javascript application development

Are you looking for a Javascript developer based in Milton Keynes? I have over 10 years’ experience developing using Javascript. From simple AJAX requests to full interactive Javascript driven applications. Whether you want a simple jQuery plugin or a full MeteorJS web application. Feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements further.

What is Javascript?

Javascript is the programming language used by web developers all over the world to create dynamic pages. Javascript enables developers to manipulate the DOM once a web page has loaded. This has enabled many web applications to behave more like native apps than websites. It is widely used to update the information currently shown to users without a page refresh. Many people confuse Javascript with Java, they are in fact two completely different languages.

The release of Node.js and Cordova have enabled Javascript to become a universal language. Javascript is able to run on a multitude of devices and can be the solution in many different situations. These days you can use Javascript to develop almost anything.

Why use Javascript for development?

Along with the improvements made to HTML and CSS. Javascript has also seen drastic improvements in recent years. It has new functionality ensuring development is easier. Open source projects have also ensured support on a wider range of devices. It is no longer confined to the web browser and is now used to create almost any type of application. Node.js delivers the Javascript runtime to all manner of devices. From Servers and computers to Point of Sale devices and mobile phones.

It has become a universal language. Which enables the “write once, run everywhere” approach to development. This saves time in both the build and maintenance of projects. You no longer need to hire unique skill-sets for front-end, back-end, and mobile development. Developers with skills in Javascript can now develop all areas of a project.

Experience with Javascript

I’ve been developing with Javascript for over 10 years now. I’ve built all manner of functionality and applications with the language. These range from simple AJAX driven websites to door visualisers. My Javascript experience is not just in the web browser. I have created Javascript applications that run on mobile and Point of Sale devices.

If you have a project in the pipeline and require a developer based in Milton Keynes, I’d love to hear from you. Whether you’re looking for a simple jQuery plugin, or need a complex Javascript application. Get in touch and tell me about your next project.

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