Milton Keynes based Laravel development services

PHP development with the Laravel framework

Are you looking for a Laravel developer based in Milton Keynes? I have over 4 years of experience using the Laravel framework. Laravel is perfect no matter the size of your application. It’s perfect for creating large dynamic web applications, driven by user content. Yet, you can also create small simple web applications. Such as RESTful APIs for integration with mobile applications. Feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements further.

What is the Laravel framework?

Laravel, created by Taylor Otwell, was released back in 2011. The Laravel framework has become the fastest growing PHP framework available. It has a huge community of developers supporting its development. Using Laravel, applications are developed in a robust and maintainable fashion. With reduced development times.

The use of Laravel ensures your application is maintainable and extendable going forward. Due to its MVC architecture almost any PHP developer will be able to work on your project. This means you aren’t tied into a single developer. Any experienced PHP developer can assist you, thanks to Laravel’s extensive documentation.

Laravel is now the most popular PHP framework available to developers. It has taken the development community by storm. This is thanks to its simple syntax and well-written documentation.

The framework contains many of the basic components required to create web applications. You can spend your development time and resources on your applications unique functions. Your application will be robust and future-proof thanks to Laravel’s core components.

Experience with Laravel framework

I have been developing applications using Laravel since its initial release. It is now my go to PHP framework, due to its ease of use and built-in functionality. I recommend it to most clients looking for a dynamic PHP web application. This enables me to reduce development times and focus on the functionality that matters.

I’ve worked on many projects that use the Laravel framework for their base components. Some have been small RESTful APIs and websites. Others were huge community driven web applications with integrated mobile apps. Laravel is a good fit for almost any PHP development project.

If you have a project in the pipeline and require a developer based in Milton Keynes, I’d love to hear from you. Using the Laravel framework in your project ensures future maintainability and ease of development. Get in touch and tell me about your next project.

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