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Are you looking for a Node.js developer based in Milton Keynes? I have over 3 years’ experience developing using Node.js. I’ve built simple APIs to full websites on top of the Meteor platform for clients. I’ve also built jukeboxes, a weather station, and desktop applications. Feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements further.

What is Node.js?

In 2008 Google released the Chrome browser and Chromium project. With it, the V8 Javascript engine was released open-source to the world. The V8 engine is built to ensure high-speed performance, perfect for the Node.js project.

Node.js enables support for the Javascript runtime engine on pretty much any device. This has sky-rocketed the use of Javascript throughout the entire developer community. Javascript is now used to develop both on the front and back-end systems.

Node.js enables developers to build fast and stable web server software. But has also opened up Javascript to hardware development. Able to access hardware, with Node.js you can create almost any type of functionality. Need a dashboard to show information from sensors on your production line, no problem. Want to react to input from a physical GPIO pin, no problem.

Why use Node.js?

Does your project need to introduce functionality to devices outside of the web browser? Do you need real-time information from sensors or other hardware? Node.js enables you to do this with Javascript, which is perfect for this new connected world.

Node.js has a huge developer community behind it. With a huge library of already developed modules for all kinds of functionality. This enables you to create applications that interact with all manner of hardware. You no longer need to hire expensive specialist developers. Now native applications are being developed by web developers. You can use a single skill-set across all your applications and development needs.

Experience with Node.js

I have been working with Node.js for over 3 years now. I started using Node.js in my spare time to create some interesting hobby projects. One such project was a physical jukebox. This used the Spotify Web API to play music based on NFC chips placed on the device. For clients, I have developed desktop applications and Point of Sale systems.

If you have a project in the pipeline and require a developer based in Milton Keynes, I’d love to hear from you. Whether you’re looking for a simple server-side application, or want to interact with physical hardware. Get in touch and tell me about your next project.

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